Learn more about the attending artists and their crafts, and get ready to shop their tables at the Grand Opening on April 20th!

Pat & Denny Murphy, Murphy Art Glass

Michael & Marion Thorpe Ingram, Faerie Folk Finery

One-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces adorn this duo’s tables at Celtic games, festivals, and special events.  New- and vintage- beaded jewelry are found beside fiber-craft and leather elf pouches, pixie purses, and enchanted faerie bags.  Hand-made at their kitchen table, their works of whimsy touch on earth and sky, flirting with both the faeries of the mist and the angels of heaven.  

Susan Owens, susanowensstudio.com

Artist, Susan Owens, hand paints silk scarves of environmental themes. Ms. Owens creates her ‘hand painted silk scarves’ in a two-day process. Designs are created with Jaquard dyes and soy wax, a batik method, before being steam set.  Silk painting is a little like pottery – each scarf is a distinctive piece of art.  There are multiple steps to the finished product and the artist runs the
risk of damaging the scarf at each one. 

These uniquely designed scarves are great accessories to a blouse or jacket, and are the perfect gift when you’re looking for something special. 

Sarah Owens, Tobacco-stick & Yard Art

Amanda Edwards, Crystal Coast Art

Amanda Edwards is a visionary acrylic pour and mixed media experimentalist with the unique ability to raise hidden ideas and evoke unexpected emotions in viewers of her work. Common themes in her pieces are organics, surprising color combinations, fluid dynamics, and the juxtaposition of high contrast elements. Edwards is self-trained and is constantly navigating new routes to explore these themes through her work. She finds inspiration in the everyday and the common human experience, but has a strong personal connection to the North Carolina coast. This connection often translates into her work.

 Currently hailing from  Henderson, she spends her spare time at the beach with her dog, Sebastian, and teaching Zumba classes. Her work can be found online at the link above, as well as at www.redbubble.com/people/crystalcoast and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/crystal_coast_original.  She gladly accepts commission requests via email at crystalcoastoriginals@gmail.com

Cindy Snow & Tink Young, CinTinque

CinTinque is a husband & wife team that create one of a kind jewelry from authentic antique pocket watches, vintage finds, items from nature (such as dragonfly wings) & semi-precious stones in sterling silver.  We love upcycling old watches & giving them a new life.  The inside detail & beauty that wasn’t mean to be seen is just too wonderful not to share.   Many are over 200 years old.  Every piece is crafted with great care & most come with a story or the history behind it.

Carolyn Zahnow, Shore Soap

Genevieve McKenna, Flames of Passion Glasswork

At just seventeen, Ms. McKenna has already been practicing lampwork for two years; creating pendants and small sculptures in borosilicate (hard glass).  Each unique piece is hand-made, using a torch and tools to shape molten glass before kiln-firing for durability.

My love of my work has only grown, along with my skill and equipment. I love glasswork because it is a unique craft that always seems to light up the eyes of people walking by. Lamp work has taught me a lot about self-confidence, patience, and the importance of practice, so I hope my art can bring others the same joy it has brought me.” — Genevieve McKenna 

John Pelosi, Woodworking

John took up lathe turning when he retired in 2001.  He has been a student of Bill Wallace for a number of years and uses Bill’s studio when he needs a lathe to turn larger pieces.  One of the challenges of turning wooden objects is finding the best way for it to present itself and it’s beauty, often achieved through close study and experimenting with different designs.  Once basic bowl turning skills are acquired, the mind continues searching for more creative ways to highlight the medium’s uniqueness.  Mr. Pelosi’s current works combine lathe turning and traditional carving, resulting in lovely pieces in which sculptural appeal and everyday functionality unite.

An avid gardener, Mr. Pelosi volunteers at the J. C. Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, where he is a tour guide and active member of several groups: the “Roving Gardeners”, Plant Labeling, and Propagation.  His home gardens include many signature plants.

Donna Campbell Smith, donnacampbellsmith.net 

Author Donna Campbell Smith is a freelance writer, artist, and photographer.  Along with her watercolor and acrylic artwork, Ms. Smith will be displaying a few of her books:  Cozy mysteries, Historical Fiction for young readers – inspired by NC’s wild horses, and her series of non-fiction publications about miniature and draft horses, mules, and donkeys.

Kim Anderson, Garden Art

Drawing on her textile and apparel design background, Ms. Anderson experiments with color, texture, and scale in her pieces of magical garden artwork.  Using a mixture of cement and secret ingredients, her large mushrooms have botanical detail while her globes are more reminiscent of planets than anything you’ll find in a big-box store.  Her recent creations explore the whimsical through large-scale paintings and welded creatures.

Steve Karloski, Steve Karloski Sculpture

Steve Karloski creates unique hand-pottery, both functional and decorative.  A slab roller and carving tools are his primary means for producing his work, using mainly natural and organic subject matter and form.  His main goal with clay is to bring the surface alive with familiar themes that honor our living world; He knows he is successful when his work transports others, even himself, to a simpler time and place.

Through carving, Steve brings a unique flair to functional work using his personal approach to plant decoration.  His work becomes more sculptural through subject matter such as faces, masks, and a variety of animal forms.

Mr. Karloski is also a part-time pottery instructor at Sertoma ArtCenter in North Raleigh, and his work appears at local NC craft shows and shops.  More of his work can be found on Facebook (Steve Karloski Sculpture) and on Instagram (@stevekarloski).

Jamie Sunyak, Labrottie Creations

Specializing in hand-made and personalized art pieces, Ms. Sunyak uses all types of mediums, including charcoal, paint, and the computer.  While she also creates commissioned work, her personal collections are inspired by her favorite furry friends: her Chocolate Lab, Scout, and her Rottweiler, Harley – hence the name “Labrottie Creations”.  Each painting, poster, card, and sticker is produced with love, warmth, and detailed craftsmanship.  In addition to her website, Ms. Sunyak’s work can be found on Facebook (LabrottieCreations) and Instagram (@LabrottieCreations_JamieSunyak).

Pepper & Kathy Buckmaster, Pepper’s Woodshop

Visit their site for a look at the Buckmasters’ incredible cutting boards, hand-carved knives, and and other household items.

Louise Lamm, Grandma Wez’ Cool Homemade Stuff

After 40 years as an Educator, Ms. Lamm put down the books and turned her attention to her long-time hobby: sewing.   Her work  includes decorative pillows and cases, hot dish carriers, and potholders specifically designed for use in the cramped quarters of a microwave (that just-so-happen to also be perfect for holding a bowl of ice cream), among other marvelous creations.

“The name ‘Grandma Wez’ originated with my two precious granddaughters, who frequently assist at craft fairs. We enjoy

meeting new people and selling items to them that help make life a little better.” — Louise Lamm

Karen Johnston and Karen Cayes, 2K Creations

Karen and Karen met over 13 years ago when both started new careers with Wake County Public Schools. They discovered that they lived about a mile apart, became carpool buddies, and their friendship began.  Both enjoyed crafting, which evolved into crafting get-togethers and eventually into their business.  They make painted burlap wreaths, wooden home decor items, decorative vases out of various containers, and a few surprise items when they try something new. 

Mary Dean, marydeangallery.com

“Since a child I always enjoyed art of some form or another. Over the years developed a love for the art of china painting and have had the opportunity to participate in numerous art demonstrations and workshops with china painters all over United States. China painting to me now is a relaxing hobby.

China painting is unfortunately a dying art but it is a beautiful art. The pieces are painted with china paints which comes in powder form and is mixed with fat oil and turpentine. The pieces take several firings in a kiln to bake the paint into the glaze of the china so it is permanent.” — Mary Dean

Vallyn Nguyen, vallynhair.com

Hair and Permanent Make-up artist Vallyn Nguyen will be displaying her Cackalacky Natural beauty products.  Visit her website to learn more about her, as well as her products and services.